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Snowboard Bindings Buying Guide

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The type of bindings you choose must match your boot selection. If you choose soft boots, you typically can select either step-in or strap-in style bindings. If you select hard boots or hybrid boots, you must select step-in style bindings. The most common style across riders is soft boots with strap-in bindings.

  • Strap-on - this style is the most common and the most flexible. Both Freeriders and Freestylers like this style because it provides a nice balance of maneuverability and flexibility.

  • Step-in - while a step in system is the easiest to get in/out of (particularly for beginners), they offer significantly less control than strap-on bindings. These are typically used with hard boots and hybrid step-in boots.

  • Plate/Levers - this system is used with hard boots exclusively. This style provides the most control but has the least flexibility and comfort. Because the movement from the body is transferred directly to the board without padding, the ride is less comfortable than other binding options. It typically is used for those who perform high speed turns.

Once you've selected the right style of binding for you, it's time to ensure they fit well with your boot and board selection. Have a professional adjust the settings to properly match your boarding ability. By having someone align your dominant right/left foot and adjust your bindings accordingly, you're ready to attack the mountain with a vengeance! Enjoy the slopes!

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