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Snowboard Boots Buying Guide

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One of the most important equipment purchases is a good pair of snowboard boots. You could buy the best snowboard in the world and get a terrible pair of boots that leak, and you'll have a miserable day. Don't go cheap on this item, regardless of your ability. Get a durable, waterproof pair of boots and you'll never regret your purchase.

With that in mind, there are several types of boots depending on the type of boarding you plan to do.

  • Soft boots - are the most common and most comfortable. They are sturdy yet allow movement in all directions. The inner lining of the boot is padded while the outer shell provides support and can be tightened to desired comfort.

    Soft boot design with laces

  • Hard boots - are more like ski boots and provide maximal control. They are typically used in Snowboard Cross events and have a similar inner lining like the soft boots. The difference is the hard plastic shell which allows for very little movement.

    Hard boot with clips

  • Hybrid step-in boots - these boots combine a soft inner lining like the soft boots with a hard bottom sole like the hard boots. These provide a great alternative for those riders looking for comfort and maximal control. Keep in mind, that this style of boot requires that you purchase step-in style bindings.

    Hybrid boot design

Get good-fitting boots that'll last - comfort comes first.

After selecting the style you want, choose a size up to about size larger than you normally wear. Remember, you feet can swell slightly when snowboarding and you also want to leave room for your warm socks. You should be able to move your toes comfortably in the boots but you don't want your entire foot shifting when you walk. The ideal fit when the laces are completely done up is that you can wiggle your toes, but you can't lift your heels.

*** Key point to keep in mind - your ability to successfully carve (turn) stems through your heels.

Once you've found a snug fit, try the boots on your bindings and board. Have a professional adjust your board settings to match your skill level.

Beyond that, have fun! You are purchasing a major component which will facilitate warmth and comfort throughout the day, both of which should maximize your fun on the slopes.

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