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There's nothing better than feeling warm and cozy on a cold winter day. Wearing a scarf can be a great addition to keep you warm and be a fashionable addition to your outfit. Choosing a thick knitted scarf is fun and easy. Most often, knitted scarves are made out of wool. While thick wool knitted scarfs are the most common winter scarves, there are other types of scarves as well. Silk scarves are a fashionable addition to any outfit and can be worn year round. Pashmina scarves are a cashmere wool scarf blend that look great on a fancy outfit or to wear around the shoulders when dressing up. Bandana scarves are a simple square piece of fabric that gets tied around the neck and can be pulled over the face in the event of snow, wind, or dust. There are many ways to wear scarfs. By wrapping scarves around your neck, doing fancy scarf knots, or looping the scarf around your shoulders, you'll have a fashionable addition to your winter time outfit. Find great deals on scarves of all colors and sizes from Merrell, EMU, La Florentina, Seirus, Volcom, Coal Coal, Roxy, Burton, The North Face and more!

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